Welcome to SlowMinimalism.com.  ~ I’m so glad you’re here.  And, now that you are here,  you’re probably wondering what SlowMinimalism is.  I know I would have a couple of years ago.

SlowMinimalism is about giving yourself permission to take it slow as you  learn to live with less in stages.

I read a lot about minimalism as my husband and I considered and eventually began the process of transitioning to a more minimalistic lifestyle.  I followed blogs and read books, but little of what I read spoke directly to middle-aged individuals like us.  Because we were only in our late 40s when we decided to “downsize” we were unique among pretty much everyone we knew.

As we were contemplating releasing the majority of our belongings and the large house our kids had grown up in, people we knew were either nestling deeper into their soon to be empty nests,  building even larger “forever” homes that would be big enough for “someday” grandchildren, or buying second homes in warmer places.  We however were the odd ducks who were in search of less square footage and fewer commitments instead of more.

It wasn’t long before I began writing as a means of processing my thoughts about this unusual journey we were on.  As time passed some of those notes turned into blog postings which I shared on my business blog.  While some of those pieces made sense to post there, others did not, yet I felt compelled to share them because I thought they might provide inspiration for others considering a similar path.

The more I wrote, the more convinced I became those thoughts needed a home of their own.  That home is SlowMinimalism.com.   SlowMinimalism is a nod to the fact that so many of the minimalists whose stories I read practiced what seemed more like instant minimalism in comparison to our much more drawn out process.  We knew we wanted to experiment with having less, much less in fact, but weren’t ready to release everything at once or even over the course of just a couple of months.

In this blog I hope to share our hopes and dreams for a minimalistic lifestyle as well as share the challenges and shifts in mindset we’ve experienced and are continuing to experience along the way.  I also hope to provide you with helpful and practical tips and suggestions for transitioning from the overwhelm that you may be experiencing now to the simpler lifestyle you’re seeking.

In my ten plus years as a professional organizer and professional coach I’ve learned that overcoming overwhelm is almost always about more than just minimizing the stuff.

The same goes for SlowMinimalism.  In addition to minimizing the stuff it’s about minimizing your life, but in a way that enables you to experience more of the life you really want to lead instead of being exhausted by the life you’re currently leading. It’s about releasing the commitments that are keeping you from a more manageable and less overwhelming existence.

Minimizing stuff and commitments slowly is allowing my husband and I the opportunity to notice the incremental improvement in our lives as we continue to release what we don’t really need.  We also believe minimizing slowly has resulted in fewer regrets than we may have had if we used a faster approach.  We know our approach isn’t necessarily the right one for everybody, but it is the right approach for us.  If you think it could be the right approach for you, I invite you to follow along as we share what we’ve learned.

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